Services and Costs

Our goal is 100% satisfaction and our services come with a satisfaction guarantee.  We service San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas.

Phone Conversation with a Piano Technician…. Free!  Give us a call.  We are happy to discuss your particular piano situation and provide some insight, just understand that it is impossible to tell you the value of a piano merely by a description over the phone.

Piano Inspection & Appraisal (for buyers/sellers)…. $50

Standard Tuning…. $110

Piano Repairs…. Minor issues such as sticky keys, squeaky parts and poorly functioning pedals are normally included in the cost of a Standard Tuning.  String repair or more involved repairs could have additional costs.  Contact us for an estimate.

Pitch Adjustment…. $155

Regulation…. (contact us for an estimate)

Voicing…. (contact us for an estimate)


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