Buying or Selling a Piano

The modern piano is a complex and technical marvel.  It is no surprise that many people find themselves at a disadvantage when trying to either buy a piano, or sell their existing piano.  Whether you are buying or selling a piano, you could ultimately choose to complete the transaction with a local piano dealer or independently with a private individual.  Either way, the decisions to make and the steps to take can be daunting and full of potential pitfalls.

Buying a new piano usually means evaluating dense and sometimes confusing information which has been crafted by corporate marketing and sales professionals.  The piano building industry today has evolved into a complex web of manufacturers, branding and processes.  New pianos today can range from highly industrialized manufacturing on the economical end, to completely hand-built on the other end and with every imaginable combination between the two in the middle.  The price range in new pianos can be jaw-dropping.

Pianos normally have a long life-span.  For this reason there is a very large used piano market.  Among other considerations, buyers and sellers of pre-owned pianos are faced with the task of determining a piano’s fair market value.  The many factors involved in determining a fair value and the process of transferring ownership from one person to another can easily result in mistakes made on both sides of the transaction.

A qualified piano technician can be the best resource for you whether you are seeking to buy or sell a piano.  No matter on what side of the transaction you find yourself and whether new or used, time spent with an independent professional to provide you an honest prospective on your situation could be invaluable.

Cadenza Piano Service offers consultation and appraisal services.  We are independent and are not affiliated with any piano dealer, manufacturer or other  enterprise which could influence our insight.  Whether it be an on-site piano appraisal or a brief conversation over the phone, you will find it refreshing to work with the premier choice for piano service in the area.


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