Mission, Vision, Values and Passion

Cadenza Piano Service professionally maintains pianos so that they sound and operate their best.

Mission… to elevate the enjoyment and use of acoustic pianos throughout San Antonio, Texas and beyond

Vision… to see new musicians inspired and pianists of all levels given an enhanced capability for musical expression

Values… Integrity, Professionalism and Diligence in all aspects of operations



My piano technical training started over 20 years ago while studying music in college.  I decided to work in pianos right after college and I did so for several years in Boston, Massachusetts.  My career path moved away from pianos for a time thereafter.  But I decided to return to my passion in pianos and started Cadenza Piano Service right here in San Antonio, Texas.  To date, Cadenza Piano Service maintains a long list of satisfied customers throughout the area.


Why I Do This…

This work allows me to meet a lot of great people and handle many different challenges on a daily basis.  I often remember when I was a child taking lessons and playing the piano my grandparents gave to my parents.  I remember how it felt to play the piano right after it had been tuned.  With clear, balanced intervals and clean, crisp unisons – it was almost magical.  I was a young, inexperienced musician then, but I still felt an emotional response to a well-tuned instrument.  When I sensed it moving out of tune in the months that followed, I would yearn for the time that the instrument would be brought back to me again – fresh, new and alive.


At Cadenza Piano Service, you can be assured of professional, knowledgeable and courteous service.  Cadenza Piano Service is the premier choice for piano tuning and service in the San Antonio area and beyond.

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